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How do I track how many hits my website gets? There are a few things that need to be cleared in terms of terminology: 1. Hits - this simply... Common SSH Commands - Linux Shell Commands Navigating in UNIX pwd Shows the full path of the current directory ls Lists all... Creating a Welcome message for SSH logins Did you ever want to change or create a new login message antime someone logs into SSH? We'll... Do you offer Server Side Includes (SSI)? Server Side Includes (SSI) is enabled on all of our servers. You just need to be sure that you... Facts on Bandwidth How much is 1 meg? Every time someone views your web page all of the data (html code, text,... How to Install GMP Math liberary wget http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/gnu/gmp/gmp-4.2.2.tar.bz2 tar -xjvf gmp-4.2.2.tar.bz2 cd gmp-4.2.2... How to install Crypt-DSA What is Crypt-DSA Crypt::DSA is an implementation of the DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm)... How to install ImageMagic cd /usr/local/src wget http://oratoronline.com/how2/ImageMagick/ImageMagick-6.4.2-3.tar.gz (NOTE:... How to install Ioncube cd /usr/local/ wget http://oratoronline.com/how2/Ioncube/ioncube_loaders_lin_x86.tar.gz tar -xvzf... How to install Perl yum -y install perl How to install RAR cd /tmp wget http://oratoronline.com/how2/RAR/rarlinux-3.6.0.tar.gz tar -zxvf... How to install RVskin mkdir /root/rvadmin cd /root/rvadmin wget http://oratoronline.com/how2/RVskin/rvauto.tar.bz2... How to install RkHunter wget http://oratoronline.com/how2/Rkhunter/rkhunter-1.3.2.tar.gz tar -zxvf rkhunter-1.3.0.tar.gz... How to install SIM What is SIM SIM is a system and services monitor for ‘SysVinit’ systems. It is... How to install Subversion/SVN wget ftp://oratoronline.com/how2/subversion/perl-URI-1.35-3.noarch.rpm rpm -i... How to install Zend Optimizer How to Install Zend Optimizer/Encoder on cPanel/WHM Zend Optimiser is a PHP addon which offers... How to install chkrootkit cd /usr/src wget http://oratoronline.com/how2/chkrootkit/chkrootkit.tar.gz tar zxvf... How to install eAccelerator Eaccelerator is a PHP accelerator/encoder/caching utility that is based off of the old mmcache... How to install ffmpeg ffmpeg Before installing ffmpeg, I suppose you have already installed Lame on your server.... How to setup Cron Job A sample program to setup a cron job This cron is supposed to delete the spams from your mail... How to upgrade Cpanel Login to your WHM and follow whm > cPanel/WHM Updates Automatic (STABLE tree) cPanel... Howto Install FLv2Tool yum install ruby* wget... Howto Install LAME wget http://oratoronline.com/how2/video_share_modules/source_directory/lame/lame-3.96.1.tar.gz... Howto Install MPLAYER+MENCODER Mplayer includes mencoder in the same package. Dependencies: Mplayer has a few dependencies:... Howto Upgrade perl Run the following command. cd /usr/local/src ; wget... Howto install FFmpeg-PHP wget... Phishing - Protect your Identity and Finances Phishing is the name given to an increasingly common type of spam (unsolicited emails) designed... Protecting Yourself Against Viruses & Data Loss It is vital to ensure your computer is protected from viruses and trojans. As well as installing... Static IP vs. Dynamic IP Address A static IP address is one that remains fixed and never changes. The PC always sees the same... What are private nameservers and how do I set them up? Private nameservers are where your domain points to our nameservers so that your customers do not... What do I need to do to put Flash on my website? Flash is a client side feature - it runs on the user's computer, not on your web host. As long as... What happens if I exceed my allocated bandwidth? You will receive an automatic e-mail message warning you that you have reached 80% of your... Why don't you offer unlimited bandwidth? There is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth. Any company that promises you unlimited bandwidth... Will I be able to check my emails when I am away from my home/office computer? Yes, we provide all our customers with their own Webmail access. What this means is that you can... Will you place any ads on my site? Not at all. We do not place any advertisements on your site whatsoever. No banners, no annoying...
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