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Server upgrade

  • Friday, 25th August, 2017
  • 12:18pm

We are going to upgrade our Nodes. From 25th August 2017, we will start moving our UK node upgrading task.  We request to take backup and contact us if you think something wrong with this upgrade. We are going to answer some question

Will there be any server changes?
There are two significant changes on the new servers, starting with upgrading all CPUs to Dual E5-2620 v4's with 16 cores and 32 threads per server.
The second change will be the addition of LSCache. This is a highly customisable high-performance page cache for dynamic content built into LiteSpeed Web Server. This provides significant performance improvements for PHP applications, specifically Wordpress through the LSCache Wordpress plugin.

Will there be any downtime?
We have taken a significant amount of time to prepare for this migration and are confident you will not experience any downtime during the migration. The old server will also remain online for a while after the migration to give you some time to make any DNS changes.

Do I have to do anything?
For the majority of you no action is required. However if you are using a remote DNS provider you will need to update the IP address your website is hosted on. To be clear if you are using our nameservers, or our nameserver IPs with custom nameservers, no action is needed.
If you are using the server hostname in your mail application for the incoming and outgoing server this would need to be updated after migration as the hostname will change.

we thank you for being a loyal customer of TOSHOST LTD. If you have any questions or concerns related to this migration I welcome you all to reach out to me directly and we will clarify any concerns you have. You can reach me on

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